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We are a Canadian-based, family-owned company with a strong focus on sustainability. Offering a complete and effective organic waste management solution for the food and beverage industry. We are committed to providing peace of mind. Roslin will manage your cooking oil collection needs from start to finish.
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Why Does Roslin Do What It Does?

Roslin is committed to responsible care of our environment. We operate in a green manner. As a used cooking oil recycling company, we take used waste product, collect it, process it, and then our product is used to create bio diesel and renewable diesel. All wastewater collected from grease traps goes to an anaerobic digester to help create methane gas, in turn, generating electricity.



  • Vacuum Trucks from 1500 gallons to 4500 gallons

  • Vacuum Trailers up to 8000 gallons of capacity
  • Stainless Tankers up to 8500 gallons of capacity

Timely pickups by Roslin’s own company drivers, minimizing logistic costs so we can maximize our customers profit.



Roslin’s own processing plant will handle any type of used cooking oil, grease trap waste, and DAF it encounters. With the ability to process up to 80,000 gallons per day, Roslin is set up to handle the volume. With certified truck scales on-site, we measure all products going in and out of the processing facility, giving our customers an honest accounting.



  • With over 50 trucks and finished product tankers, Roslin can handle your volume

  • We have the capacity in our 3 rail yards for over 100 tank cars

  • We use truck & rail freight to come up with the most competitive logistics scenario for your product

  • We have total storage capacity in excess of 5.8 million gallons



  • All products that Roslin deals with are recycled and reused

  • UCO, oils, and fats are all converted into biodiesel or renewable diesel

  • Waste Water is utilized as a fertilizer on cropland to grow corn and soybeans

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Customer Testimonials
What our customers say about our services

Roslin has been very responsive to the needs of our 5 McDonalds locations. They come on a regular schedule and service is never interrupted. Whenever I have made a request, their team acts in a professional, timely manner. They’ve even reached out to offer solutions to problems we didn’t know existed!

McDonalds, Windsor Region
We have trusted our used cooking oil collection and grease trap maintenance to Roslin Enterprises for the better part of 10 years. Service has always been prompt and professional! Their indoor containment solution has alleviated many headaches – ask them about it!
Scott Howard, Montanas Franchise
Roslin Enterprises has been a generous supporter of Ronald McDonald House Charities South Central Ontario since 2016.

The company has been great to work with and their staff are professional, punctual and extremely friendly. Roslin’s kind donations help keep families close to their sick children and we are proud to have them as a community partner.

Ronald McDonald House Charities

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