Earth Day 2022, doing our part

Earth Day 2022, Fueling a Greener Tomorrow

What we don’t deal with today, future generations will have to deal with tomorrow.

As our planet warms and we all experience climate changes, we’d be hard-pressed to deny that we as a species are having an impact. At Roslin, we are working to reduce that impact by converting today’s organic waste products into tomorrow’s energy sources. We take used cooking oils, fats, grease, and wastewater and recycle them into renewable diesel, biodiesel, and fertilizers for agriculture. Doing our little part to reduce CO2 emissions and keep high-value energy sources from going to waste.

You can do your part too. Here are some ideas:

  • Eat more vegetables and fruits in your diet and source your meats from farmers who are actively working to reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Start composting or get involved in your community composting efforts. Around 60% of our landfills are full of organic matter, and unfortunately, not all landfills are designed to encourage decomposition.
  • Plant a tree, seriously. Trees are a vital part of the carbon cycle and home to 80% of our planet’s biodiversity. If you can’t plant a tree, you can donate to organizations that will do the planting for you.
  • Write to your representatives to find out what they are doing to improve your community and the health of our planet.
  • Choose businesses that make an effort to reduce their impact on their environment by recycling, reusing, and promoting greener products. If a company you love isn’t doing anything, write to them and encourage them to get involved.

At Roslin, we are fueling a greener tomorrow!

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