Come talk to us about used cooking oil recycling RC Show 2022

RC Show 2022, Get Your Used Cooking Oil Recycled

Come see us at the Restaurants Canada Cooking show this month and learn about how we can help you reduce your carbon footprint. It’s estimated that there are nearly 100,000 restaurants in Canada alone. All these restaurants use volumes of cooking oil every single day and every liter of used cooking oil has a lot of potential energy stored in it.  Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of recycling and reusing.  Here are 5 good reasons to recycle your cooking oil and why you should talk to a company like Roslin Enterprises today.

Help to Reduce Waste

Although used cooking oil and grease are biodegradable and when properly disposed of it won’t pollute the environment. But for every liter of oil that doesn’t enter the recycling stream results in another liter of crude that needs to be extracted out of the earth. Crude doesn’t just create pollution when it’s burned as gasoline or diesel, but the process of extraction also contributes to greenhouse gases and pollutants and carries the risk of spills that used cooking oil doesn’t.

Benefit Local Businesses

From big chains to small local restaurants, many proprietors are choosing to get involved with used cooking oil recycling, and each day more restaurants realize the benefits. In 2017 recycling companies generated a whopping 4 billion in revenue and this number is projected to rise year over year as more businesses realize the benefits. In addition, when you choose to use a cooking oil recycling company like Roslin Enterprises you help the local economy.

Todays Cooking Oil is tomorrow’s Renewable Diesel

The main reason to have your used cooking oil and grease recycled is to take a waste product and convert it into fuel.  Renewable diesel is a sustainable alternative to petroleum-based diesel that is used for transportation and heating. Using renewable diesel also helps reduce carbon dioxide and other air pollutants emissions. Get your used cooking oil recycled and fuel a greener tomorrow with Roslin.

Protect the Environment and Go Green

Our climate is changing and meteorologists around the world are raising red flags as temperatures increase.  One of the factors contributing to these changes is greenhouse gas emissions arising from the use of transportation systems that rely on diesel fuel.  Using renewable diesel can help reduce the impact on our climate by lowering CO2 emissions along with other pollutants.

Convert Your Waste Product into Cash

Instead of paying to have your used cooking oil and grease removed, or pouring it down the drain. You can work with a used cooking oil collection service provider like Roslin Enterprises to earn money on every liter.

So come see us at booth 430 at the Restaurants Canada Cooking show this May 9th through the 11th 2022. Let’s see how we can fuel a greener tomorrow.

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