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We can help save the environment together for a greener tomorrow! Do your part and we will do ours!

Roslin Enterprises believes in environmental sustainability and social responsibility, the company’s roots lie in the world’s oldest organic recycling methods and our growth is leaping from new sustainable solutions.

The used cooking oil is collected, filtered, and sterilized, and commercially approved renewable diesel fuel is produced to provide a cleaner-burning alternative to standard diesel and also other valuable resources such as animal feed.

At Roslin, we use a portion of our own refined product to fuel our plant and vehicles. We would like to work with your company to continue the journey of maintaining a greener environment for our communities. No oil volume is too big or too small.

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When you partner with Roslin Enterprises, you become part of the solution!

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As a value-added company, we offer a variety of grease management services such as used cooking oil collection, grease trap cleaning, and tailored service schedules to suit your needs. A dedicated sales representative will assess your business and tailor our services to your specific grease volumes, hours of operations, and physical layout.

We provide reliable schedule service frequencies and detailed scheduled service reports for your company records!

Prompt and reliable service! With 24-48 hr turn around times

We have an extensive fleet and computerized routing system; Your restaurant will not have to contact our office to notify if the bin is full or be stuck with overflowing bins.

In addition to the system and procedures in place, and to be sure you’re receiving prompt, reliable service within 24-48 hours; our territory representatives will stop in on occasion to provide routine evaluations of Roslin services and bin conditions.

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We offer Advanced Equipment Exceeding Industry Standards

At Roslin we focus on cleanliness, employee safety, eliminating grease theft, and minimizing disruptions in restaurant operations. We offer a variety of tank options that can accommodate any space. Check out our indoor solution that requires no power source – that means no drilling and no plugs needed to operate this containment unit.

We offer traditional outdoor tank solutions as well.

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